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Welcome to Maseke!

Maseke is the number one source for streaming movies. Now you have access to the biggest and most comprehensive collection in North America! Over 3000 movies are already in the library, and more are made available every day. You will always have new content to watch.

Your subscription delivers complimentary access to:

  • More than 1,600 of the best video games in the world – available for streaming or download.
  • A gigantic catalogue of licensed music from artists that made the headlines today or 50 years ago.
  • A library of the world’s best eBooks – everything from the latest fiction titles to world renowned non-fiction works is available.

To reach our customer service center by phone or by email, please call (toll-free) 18772938724 or 16468095771, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, or send us a message.

Maseke is the location for numerous movies, games, music and e-books, that you can access anytime you desire with your Maseke membership to our multimedia website. All Maseke content offered is licensed for distribution and use and is legal. Read more about these aspects of the site on our Terms & Conditions.

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